Web Analytics

Contrary to the popular belief of some, the saying from the movie Field of Dreams “If you build it, they will come”, does not always apply to your website.  Many businesses invest thousands into their websites only to end up asking the question, “Why isn’t anyone visiting my website”?  What somebody forgot to tell them along the way is, without proper marketing and measurement, building a website is like putting up a billboard in the woods.  It might look great, but unfortunately no one even notices or cares.

Through web analytics our clients are educated on the behavior of their website’s users.  For example, through analytics you can determine:

  • How many visitors my website has received
  • What other websites are referring traffic or visitors to yours
  • What pages are most frequently visited on your website
  • What pages are most rarely visited
  • How long users stay on your website
  • What geographic location your website users are located within
    (countries, states, cities, etc)
  • What products sell most successfully
  • What search engines are referring traffic to your website
  • What search phrases are being used to locate your website
  • What errors people are receiving when trying to view your website
  • How effective a specific marketing campaign has been to drive traffic to your site
  • And much more based on your overall goals and desired actions

If you currently have a website but don’t know anything about the behavior of your users, doesn’t that bother you?

Call 800-KRENGEL and start finding out.   

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