Krengel Storefront is a robust Ecommerce application packed with features that meet today’s most requested Ecommerce business needs.  With Krengel Storefront you can transform your business from a brick and mortar retail store to a secure, feature-rich, online catalog.

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Core Krengel Storefront features include:

Top Features

100% customizable
Krengel Storefront's unique Flexible Architecture allows virtually every aspect of the storefront to be customizable using the included ASP.NET 2.0 source code, C# libraries and SQL Server 2005 database. Krengel includes over 20 C# libraries for the ultimate flexibility.

Feature rich product catalog

Krengel Storefront includes a rich, user-friendly product catalog to showcase virtually any type of product or service. The product catalog can handle millions of SKUs with outstanding performance.

Professional look & feel
Krengel Storefront can be easily customized to match your corporate website’s look and feel and other branding guidelines using the included ASP.NET Master pages and CSS stylesheets.

Enhanced product display
Krengel uses AJAX technology to display product data (such as Requirements, Shipping Information, Specifications, etc) in a clear and concise manner without added clutter. Every element of this layout can be customized easily using the included Master Pages and User Controls.

PABP/PCI compliant shopping cart & checkout
The shopping cart and checkout process in Krengel Storefront has been designed from the ground up to be user friendly so customers can complete their purchase quickly and securely. This unique design signficantly reduces shopping cart abandonments.

Multiple payment options
Krengel Storefront supports a variety of payment methods including credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX), PayPal, Google Checkout and Purchase Orders. Krengel currently supports most major payment gateways for credit card transactions (including Verisign, Authorize.Net, PSI Gate, Paymentech Orbital and Nova).

Store and customer management
Krengel Storefront includes a user-friendly browser based store management tool to manage virtually every aspect of your product catalog and customers. This tool does not require an end user to have any technical expertise and significantly reduces training requirements.

Product variations and attributes
With Krengel Storefront, you can add optional add-ons (ex: "gift wrapping") or require a user to select a set of pre-defined attributes (ex: “size” and “color”). The combination of attributes can be tied to an inventory item (SKU). You can also manage the available inventory for each combination of items.

Multiple pricing levels
Krengel Storefront allows multiple pricing options for each product including Sale Price and Wholesale Price. You can also set tiered pricing based on quantity and user login.

Discount coupons & promotions
Krengel Storefront includes an advanced promotions engine including effective dated promotions, discount coupons, profile based promotions, tiered pricing, dealer pricing and more. You can also extend Krengel Storefront to add your own custom promotion logic.

Store locator with zip code radius search
Krengel Storefront (Enterprise Edition) includes a store locator with zip code radius search for merchants that have multiple stores or dealerships across the country.

Shipping rules & rates
Krengel Storefront has been certified by FedEx® as a FedEx® compatible solution. Using Krengel, you can retrieve shipping rates directly from FedEx® or UPS during checkout. You can also configure tiered custom shipping rates based on quantity or weight.

Custom tax rules
Krengel Storefront enables you to customize tax rules based on destination country and state and can also be configured to apply rules based on a precedence rules engine.

Cross Selling
With Krengel Storefront you can promote products by listing them as a "Home Page Special" or on the "Related Items" section on each product page. It also includes a "Best Sellers" feature that automatically displays the most popular items.

International support
Krengel Storefront supports multiple currencies including a "suffix" that can be added to the currency displayed. You can also select different units for dimensions or weight. The database also fully supports unicode characters for international languages.

Bulk data upload utility
Krengel Storefront includes a desktop utility to easily upload catalog data and inventory updates. This utility also allows you to download customer and order information.

Integration with back-office systems
Krengel Storefront (Enterprise Edition) exposes major functionality using Web Services that can be used to exchange data with other 3rd party applications.

Load Balancing
Krengel Storefront (Enterprise Edition) supports load balanced webservers (ex: F5 based hardware LB) for enterprise class storefronts that have very high traffic. Krengel Storefront requires sticky sessions to be enabled on load balancing hardware.

QuickBooks® Integration
Krengel Storefront includes complete real-time integration with Intuit QuickBooks (Professional, Enterprise and Manufacturing editions) using the web connector tool.

Call Center Support
Krengel Storefront (Enterprise Edition) can be used by customer support representatives in a call center to take orders over the phone or by email.

Role Based Security
Krengel Storefront (Enterprise Edition) allows you to create different security roles that restricts members of each role to pre-defined functions within the storefront management tool. Krengel Storefront comes with pre-defined roles including Customer Service Rep (CSR), Content Editor, Store Manager, Executive and Administrator.

Single Sign-On
Krengel Storefront supports Single Sign-On using the ASP.NET 2.0 membership and personalization engine. This means that you can achieve single sign-on with any web application that can use the same membership store. You can also write your own membership provider to connect to custom stores such as active directory, etc.

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