Email Marketing

Email marketing is a critical component to your overall marketing mix.  What other medium can you utilize to reach both prospective clients and current customers in such a cost-effective manner?

Krengel Web can help you do the following:

  • Implement an online lead-gathering email address sign up
  • Design a professional, graphical HTML email template you can re-use
  • Understand and effectively adhere to today’s SPAM regulations
  • Deliver bulk emails in nearly all quantities
  • Integrate web forms with 3rd party email marketing solutions
  • Upload and appropriately segment customer lists
  • Write effective direct-marketing copy that will result in a specific desired action
  • Track how many emails within a bulk mailing:
    • Have been opened
    • Have bounced
    • Have unsubscribed
    • Have clicked on specific links/promotions with the email

Obtaining new customers can be both challenging as costly.  Leverage Krengel Web to ensure you’re reaching your target audience as effectively as possible.

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