Web Development

For the high-level thinkers out there,
the resources on our web project teams are basically one of two types:

1. Creative.  Or...  2. Logical.

Sure, you can mix and match to a certain degree but eventually the stronger trait will be made evident.  Our web “designers” are the creative folks.  Our web “developers” on the other hand, would rather create programs, code, or architect a little something called a database.  Here’s a sampling of what you can expect to see from our web development resources:

  • Custom application development
  • Dynamic database driven content
  • Server administration
  • 3rd party solution integration
  • Database architecture

Krengel web developers have efficient skill sets in the following areas:

Web Programming Languages/Technologies:
    • .Net, ASP, ASP.net, VB.net                   
    • JSP, C#, XML, SQL
    • Cold Fusion
    • Perl
    • MS SQL
    • MySql
    • IBM DB2
    • Access
Servers and Operating Systems:
    • Apache
    • Microsoft IIS
    • Tomcat
    • MS Exchange
    • Linux OS
    • Windows OS

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